The Mesh Project Vs. Slink Physique

Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted in a while but I will try to start posting again! I got caught up with a lot of stuff irl and didn’t have a chance to write out big long reviews of stuff. But anyway, here’s my first post in a while, inspired by the fact that I can’t decide which mesh body to wear.

Edit: added a review for each body’s Alpha HUDs at the bottom.

So mesh bodies have always been hit or miss with me. I liked how they looked but I hated the hassle of trying to find appliers for them, and plus I didn’t really feel like I was in Second Life, and more so felt like something else. Not sure what, but not SL. After the release of my latest Zoe skins, I’ve been wearing my TMP (The Mesh Project) body a LOT. I did appliers for it for Zoe, and I don’t think I’ve taken it off since, although for the sake of the review, I opted to wear the same skin on both bodies (Scarlett in Milky by Lara Hurley). I’ll say from the start though, that my main gripe about the Slink body is that it warps the cleavage into a weird unnatural shape, regardless of your boob settings. You can see it below in comparison to TMP body.

Slink Vs. TMP Front View

But anyway, I’ve grown really attached to my TMP body and I really really love it. The curves are all in just the right places, the legs are nice and thick and not toothpick-y, and I won’t lie; It has a truly magnificent ass, something I’ve found the Slink Physique body to be lacking. TMP seems to have a much perkier and rounder bum, while Physique is flatter and quite a bit less perky but also more realistic. Slink has a more visible pelvis shape and the top of the thigh where the legs connect to the pelvis also has a more realistic/true-to-life shape. TMP is definitely more round in that area (to the point where it’s literally impossible to NOT have a round bum with the body, since even at 0 it sticks out a bit) but I also really like the smaller waist and the perky bum.

Slink Vs. TMP Dat Ass


When it comes to boobies, people are truly obsessed. There are mesh boobies, shirts with big boobies, mesh bodies with big boobies and about a bazillion designers make appliers for them and because of that, NOT having appliers for your mesh boobies is a huge dealbreaker to a lot of shoppers. Anyway, it only seemed appropriate that I do a review of the boobies as well. TMP seems to have again, a perkier shape while Slink is a bit rounder.

Slink Vs. TMP Boobies

I really love the shape of TMP boobs, but my biggest complaint is that they’re SO projected. I have them at a smaller size for the photos, but when they’re made larger, regardless of your breast-gravity setting, they will stick out a TON and seem to only get longer with size rather than fuller. Slink boobs at a larger size are just all sorts of weird. I don’t particularly like either of them at larger sizes but I think they both look nice smaller. I really don’t like mesh boobs in general, mainly because they always seem to completely defy gravity. Boobs this size should be hanging far lower than they are sticking out. Tangos are the biggest offender of this, imo. They look great but for their size I don’t think the nipples should be pointing up. I wish Lola would make some smaller mesh breasts (like maybe a true C or D cup instead of HH).

Slink vs. TMP Big Boobies


Over all my preference is TMP body but I do also really like Slink. My inspiration for this post was my considering to switch to the Slink Physique body because of the fact that sooo many more designers make appliers for it than they do TMP. I really do wish both of these bodies would become standard practice for appliers, but I understand that they can be a pain in the ass, especially with having to apply for kits, and the way that TMP does theirs with StyleMode. When I briefly switched to the Slink body, I still had trouble finding appliers for the body and not just the hands and feet. I’m always covered in tattoos in SL, so I really hate not being able to wear them with my mesh bodies. Thankfully some designers are starting to do appliers for both, but I really hope to see more in the future.

The biggest reason I am considering switching to the Physique body, is because it’s way more versatile and has so much more clothing, tattoos, and especially shoes available for it. Slink hands and feet are the standard right now so there are about a billion shoes for the Slink feet, whereas TMP has only a handful available and so far not a single damn pair of simple ballet flats (hint hint guys, come on). Shape and aesthetics wise, I definitely prefer TMP body. It’s really a tough choice, and I know I can always switch between the two but that’s a pain and I really want to stick with just one. Hmmm..

On Flickr I got a few questions about the alpha HUDs for each body and I realized that I completely forgot to cover those! So here I am, editing my post to include reviews about the alpha HUDs for both bodies. First off, here is what each one looks like. The left is Slink Physique and the right is TMP (I put their logos above them so you could see, but they are not on the actual HUDs).

Slink Vs. TMP Alpha HUDs

As you can see, the alpha HUD for Slink Physique is way more complex than the one for TMP. In a way it’s nice because you have control over not only your body alpha but also individual layer alphas. For example, on the bottom where it says tattoo layer, underwear layer, and clothing layer, you can turn off portions of it without hiding that part of your body. So if you had some kick ass tattoos on but only wanted the sleeves to show, or even only wanted ONE sleeve to show, you can toggle off one arm, or both, or the chest or legs portions of the tattoos. It’s really nice for customizing because I have some really awesome tattoos but sometimes I just don’t want them covering my entire chest (cleavage, nips and all) so I can just hide the chest section of the tattoo while still wearing the arms and legs. If you look at the diagram at the top, you can see things labeled as well as each section outlined on the body. I noticed that some of the sections are a bit large, such as the waist, thighs, chest, and upper back. I ran into trouble trying to wear a corset with this body, because the waist section was just a tad too low and some of the invisible part showed outside of the corset. I also imagine if you’re wearing some bermuda shorts, you may run into that issue as well. I personally like having rather thick legs rather than really skinny ones, so that’s the problem I run into most with mesh clothing, either with mesh bodies or even with the default body. It’ll fit everywhere but my thighs will be sticking out. With the Slink body I am a little limited on the lengths of shorts or skirts that I can wear without them poking through or showing the alpha outside of the clothing. Also, if you look at the top left there’s a “neck fitting” set of buttons that I really find to be invaluable for my shapes. I almost NEVER have my shapes body fat set to 0 because I think having just a little bit of body fat tends to fill out the shape a bit better and get rid of some of those blocky edges, plus give her a little curvier of a shape. I have my Slink body set to 15, which makes the neck just a tad bit wider in order to accommodate for the body fat slider. Body fat of course affects the Slink body as well, but because the morph targets are different, increasing the fat sometimes makes the neck not line up with the default head, so these buttons being there are truly awesome.

For TMP, they have way more sections for the alphas BUT you can’t hide layers separately like you can with Slink. If you’re wearing applier (non-mesh) clothing with TMP body and you click one of those sections to hide, it will hide the clothing, your tattoos, and the body. What I do like though is that if you hit that troubleshoot button in the middle below reset, you can turn your tattoos/clothing layers on or off. Sometimes this is required if your layers are acting funky. I had issues with tattoos with both layers being on where they wouldn’t support semi-transparency and only showed up in big solid black chunks. That troubleshoot menu lets you fix this, so that’s helpful. Although I am wearing the Deluxe body, so I’m unsure if the basic body has this feature or not, since it only has one layer for each while deluxe has two of each. TMP alpha HUD is certainly way simpler than Slink, but that is both good and bad. It’s more user-friendly (which is more than I can say for most other mesh-project-related things…. *ahem* shop mode/style mode) but the simplicity is nice. But I really do wish they had more options like the Physique HUD has.


Hair: Elua – Arissa (Xiasumi School Festival Exclusive)
Bra&Undies: Blacklace – Briony – Wine
Mesh Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears
Skin: Lara Hurley – Scarlett – Milky
Lips: Pink Fuel – Harley Lipstick <Ivory> – Base Lip
Mesh Bodies: TheMeshProject Beta Body (Deluxe) and Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4


Glam Affair @ Collabor88

Okay I will admit that I don’t normally wear Glam Affair skins, mainly because although I LOVE the body, the faces are just too soft for my tastes. I like my faces to be a little sharper and a little more mature looking, like mid-twenties rather than teens, and GA has really young-looking faces. They are very well done, just not my go-to look. But anyway, I decided to pick up this skin from Collarbor88 this month so this is my first time rocking a Glam Affair skin!



I’m not entirely happy with the shape I put together for this look but I still really like the skin. I love the tone, I love the body and I love the makeup! For only 188L it’s definitely a steal. This skin is appropriately named Summer and this is the America tone. The makeup is gorgeous and I really love the shade of blue used on the eye shadow. It’s one of my favorite colors so I couldn’t pass it up!

The bikini is also from c88, from Baiastice. It’s also only 188L and I’m really happy I decided to buy it. I don’t normally wear non-system bikinis or lingerie because they don’t usually fit my shapes too well but I feel like this one fits pretty nicely. I’m also a big fan of vintage styles (I LOVED the pinup/rockabilly theme at last month’s c88, and the nautical theme for this month), so once again I had to have it.

I feel like I went way out of my comfort zone so to speak with this look but I’m over all pretty happy with it. I should probably take fashion risks more often because sometimes (like now) it’s proven fruitful. 😛

Hair: Magika – Whimsical
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – America 02 (Collabor88/June 2014)
Eyes: IKON – Perspective Eyes – Green
Bikini: Baiastice – Luli Bikini – Nautical (Collabor88/June 2014)

New Truth and Eaters Coma

Okay so I feel like I’m blogging the hell out of hair lately and just ignoring everything else. I don’t know why but I’ve just been so drawn to hair lately! BUT I promise to blog things OTHER than hair next, provided there aren’t any more new awesome hair releases when I go to post 😛 But anyway, Truth has two new styles out today, and Eaters Coma released a nice new one not long ago that I just picked up. I’m a sucker for long wavy hair that doesn’t look awkward, so I HAD to have this hair from Eaters Coma.


Truth’s hairs are always highly anticipated and I LOVE these new releases (Birdie and Jenna). I love the wispiness (is that a word?) of the Jenna style, and I love the little curls on Birdie. The buns and chopsticks on Birdie are separate, so the hair can be worn without them (yay!) but I chose to show them off here so you guys can see the full style. All in all, I think out of the three my favorite is the Jenna hair from Truth!

Skin: Lara Hurley – Ivy – Pale
Lips: League – Isla – Pale – Lipstick Musk Matte
Eyeliner: Adored – Vampy Liner
Eyes: IKON – Perspective Eyes – Green
Piercing: Suicidal Unborn – Septum Piercing – Metal
Tattoos: Letis Tattoo – Satanic Goat 50%
Tank Top: Una – Basic Shirt – White
Jeans: NV – 810 Jeans – Used Wash

Moar Spellbound!

So Spellbound is a pretty new brand from Kohana Xue. I’ve blogged them before, and now I’m blogging them again! They’ve quickly become rather popular and are definitely a brand to watch if they’re new to you too. Their colors awesome, their store layout is awesome, and the product (the awesome hairstyles) are amazing too!

This is a new style out just today called Warrior. It’s a cute ponytail with braids up the sides and down the front, and an optional feather add-on, which has its own HUD!
As soon as I saw this hair on their Flickr page, I knew I had to keep an eye out for when it’d be out. I stopped by earlier today (waaaay early) and it wasn’t there yet– I guess I got too ahead of myself LOL but I stopped by again later and it was up! I’m definitely not disappointed with this release, and I can’t wait for more new hairs to come out!


I really love that the feathers have their own HUD so you can change each one to whichever one of the textures you like! It includes blacks, white, blue, brown patterns, and color ombres! And you can even change the beads 😀

Hair: Spellbound – Warrior (Brunettes pack)
Eyes: IKON – Perspective Eyes – Green
Necklace: The Little Bat – Dragon’s Eye Choker (World Goth Fair)
Top: Pixicat – Wide croptop – Shade
Tattoos: Ner Ink – Loyal Truth
Skin: Nar Mattaru – Maya (Work in Progress)
Ears: Mandala – Stretched Ears – Omni (Tunnel Size 04)

All the hairs! \o/

Oh man do I love hair on SL. Hair can really change the entire look of your avatar. It  frames the face and sets the vibe, and good hair can make you look -amazing- while bad hair, well doesn’t. But I’m posting the GOOD hair of course! There are two new releases out from Magika, hair from Little Bones at The Chapter Four, and a new-to-me brand called Elua.


I’ll do this in order from left to right, so here goes. First off, a friend of mine showed me some adorably cute short hair from a new-to-me brand called Elua. It’s unrigged mesh, and the textures are adorable. The hairs are even tintable to be able to make your own colors and I LOVE when designers let us do that. I’m always on the lookout for cute short hair that doesn’t hide my avatars face too much and I must say that this brand nailed it. I’ll be wearing the hell out of this hair for sure, as well as stalking them for new hairs!

Second is the hair from Little bones, called West Coast. It’s actually part of a two-for-one pack at The Chapter Four, where you get both this hair and another cute hair (not shown) called Les Garcons. I chose not to picture it because I don’t think it fit my avatar as well as this one did, and plus I was already blogging four. The deal is great though; You get two hairstyles in the color HUD of your choice for the same price as just one hair! I opted for the blondes pack because I really love the blonde shades from LB. They’re nice and vibrant and have the perfect balance of colors to them that make them look super soft and gorgeous. My only complaint about LB is that they don’t seem to do a plain black anymore. The last four or so hairs I’ve purchased from them, the blacks are ALL tinted blue/purple, and I don’t really like that. 😦 But alas, I will just go with blondes instead because they really are perfect.

And third, Magika has two new hairs out called Unknown and Almonds. One thing I love about Magika is that you get SO many colors for the price. I think Magika has got to be one of my top 3 stores for hair, so I’m always eagerly awaiting a new release from them. Their textures are lovely, the hairstyles are smooth and superb, and the price is amazing. I’m the kind of person to want to buy a variety or essentials pack with one of each natural shade, so I love that I can get all of the naturals at Magika without having to pay extra. As for the styles themselves, I love how messy the Unknown hair is. It’s a great bedhead kind of deal, and although it covers more of my avatars face than I usually like, I still love the over all look of it. The Almonds hair I LOVE the bangs on! I’m a sucker for nice bangs, so I was a bit excited when I saw this one.

Skin: Nar Mattaru – Taryn – Neutral (small cleavage)
Makeup: Nar Mattaru – Taryn makeup – Canary
Eyes: IKON – Perspective Eyes – Green
Tattoos: Ner Ink – Loyal Truth
Bra: Fishy Strawberry – Soignee – Nude

Truth Zoella

I don’t know about you guys but I’m always excited when there’s a new hair release, especially from Truth! Two new hairs were put out today; Zoella and Lunara, but I’ll be focusing on the one I chose to buy, Zoella.

It’s a nice wavy long hair that is at the perfect length and doesn’t cover too much of my avatars face! I always seem to have a problem finding nice long hair because of that, and I don’t know why it bothers me so much when my avatars face is covered but it does! This hair however is just perfect and I love it.


The three colors shown are from the variety pack I picked up but they can be found individually in the blondes, gingers, and black&whites packs.

Hair: Truth – Zoella
Skin: Nar Mattaru – Taryn – Neutral
Eyes: IKON – Perspective Eyes – Green
Eyeliner: Adored – Vampy Liner (marketplace)
Tattoos: UtopiaH – Haunted
Shirt: The Secret Store – Lua’s Cropped Shirt – Lines
Jeans: NV Madworld – 810 Jeans – Used Wash



Oh Mon Tissu, you never disappoint.

I went back to Mon Tissu today to pick up those Tulip Shorts in black, and came across this dress that I pretty much fell in love with at first sight. I also went back to Spellbound today to grab another color pack for the Ellie hair because I fucking LOVE this orange ombre color and I don’t think I’m ever going to take it off. Kohana Xue, you need to make some more hair pronto so I can buy a ton of it and never have to wear hair from anyone else ever again! Seriously, I am completely infatuated with your store! ❤

ANYWAY, enough fangirling. I love this dress, and I think it looks pretty awesome with the Ellie hair and glasses.


I also bought the Loud Mouth mesh mouth today on a whim and I think I actually really like it. I never bothered before because I felt like it looked awkward last time I tried a demo, but I decided to just buy it anyway and modified it to where it actually fit my avatars face (it was offset to the right by a good amount and way too small for my avatars head out of the box), and made a quick applier for the skin I’ve been working on and I must say I am very pleasantly surprised with the result.

Hair: Spellbound – Ellie
Skin: Nar Mattaru – Taryn – Neutral
Hairbase: LeLutka Shaved Hairbase – Pitch
Eyes that you can’t even see: IKON – Promise Eyes – Hazel
Glasses: Karacter – Executive Glasses (FREE on MP)
Earrings: Cute Poison – Rebel Earrings
Mouth: Loud Mouth – Alli Open Mouth
Dress: Mon Tissu – Silk Tucked Pencil Dress – Classic
Medusa Piercing: Hebenon Vial – Against The Stream – Metals (modified from original)
Necklace: KOSH – Bael Necklace
Upper Tattoos: Ner Ink – Loyal Truth
Leg Tattoo: Identity – Reveal
Shoes: REIGN – Maryjanes – Black (Slink medium foot add-on)
Foot Tattoo: PMS (Pimp My Sh!t) – Rose Slinks